November 11, 2010

Story Synopsis

A lonely, one-winged creature, harrased by a mean-spirited group of crows, struggles alone to prove he can fly but discovers that the answer lies outside of himself.

The one-winged creature is sitting on a log in the forest playing a flute, when a group of crows start harassing him and making fun of him because he can’t fly. To prove them wrong the one-winged creature jumps from a large rock in an attempt to fly but crashes into a bunch of prickly bushes. The crows fly away laughing and he goes home to try to find a way to fly. He builds an artificial wing, a catapult and a balloon, but each of these attempts fail, and once again he is ridiculed by the crows. Utterly defeated he heads home. Suddenly he hears music and heads for the sound to find someone playing his flute – a one-winged creature like himself! Holding eachother the two of them are now able to fly and as they fly past the sleeping flock of crows They play the flute  to wake them up and smile and wave at them. The movie ends as the two of them flies off into the distance.

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